Apprenticeships can help you plug the skills gap and empower existing employees

Apprenticeships can help you plug the skills gap and empower existing employees


During February’s National Apprentice and National Careers Week in March, hundreds of employers, training and further education providers came together to promote the value of apprenticeships to those starting in their careers.

However, many companies still may not realise that Apprenticeship training also offers employers the opportunity to upskill existing staff more cost-effectively than traditional training. Aside from the cost benefits,  apprenticeship training courses offer flexible learning with the course delivery tailored to the company’s business model, sector and the learners working pattern.

Upskilling employees allows companies to move workers up the ladder and into new roles, which is more cost-effective than recruiting high-level staff. Upskilling is great for employee retention and your business because your employees are learning new skills, feel valued, invested will be better equipped to help you develop your business.

There are lots of training courses available. The majority of upskill courses Aspire to Learn provides are Marketing Executive Level 4Team Leader, Project ManagementSenior Property Manager level 4. The most popular within Health Care and Education are higher-level Adult Care Levels 3-5, Children Young People and Family Practioner courses.

Our most popular is the CMI Operational or Departmental Management and Leadership Level 5, which applies to all sectors; and is relative for business owners, directors and  managers. This video, created by Amazing Apprenticeships, a government funded promoter of Apprentceships shows how this is developing management teams.

With the Great Resignation, skills gap and tech moving forward rapidly, companies realise the need to address talent development strategies to future proof their organisations. A PWC survey highlights that 37% of job seekers see upskilling opportunities as the most important factor in deciding on a new job after salary and benefits and are willing to trade 11-12% of salary for training and flexibility: win-win.
So how do you get started with upskilling your teams? First, whether you are an established business or start-up, you will need to identify the skills you need within your business. Aspire to Learn can help you address this and create a development plan with you. Once completed, we will help you choose suitable courses and develop customised learning routes and individual learning plans.

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