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Looking to find a local cleaner? Whether it’s a deep clean, one off, end of tenancy and after party cleaning or you’re looking for a cleaner to help you out on a more regular basis, AP will help you to find one that’s a good fit for your needs both home, office and commercial cleaning. 


Weekly and Bi weekly Clean

2 hours – £30

3 hours – £45

4 hours – £60

5 hours – £75

6 hours – £90

Prices per clean, Weekly and every two weeks

One-Off / End of Tenancy Clean

3 hours – £60

4 hours – £80

5 hours – £100

6 hours – £120

Others on Request


2 hours – £30

3 hours – £45

4 hours – £60

Home and Hygiene: What Is Included in a Deep Cleaning Services

We all take care in keeping our homes tidy and maintain a routine of frequent sweeping, mopping, cleaning the bathrooms, wiping down the kitchen, bringing out the garbage, and sporadic bouts of dusting.

On the other hand, deep cleaning refers to the periodic requirement for cleaning that goes above and beyond what we typically undertake in our houses.

Most homeowners find it simpler to hire a professional deep cleaning service to handle the tension because deep cleaning takes a lot of time and work.

But first, let’s clarify what deep cleaning in housekeeping is all about.

Intensive Cleaning

Regular housekeeping entails sweeping, mopping, cleaning common areas and bathrooms, occasionally dusting, and other chores to keep our houses tidy. Deep cleaning, however, takes things a step further.

Deep cleaning entails washing the floor’s grout, getting into frequently missed crevices, and sanitizing and sterilizing surfaces. This should be done occasionally for a variety of reasons.

One benefit of deep cleaning is eliminating numerous bacteria and microorganisms, many of which are invisible to the naked eye and may be pathogenic. Additionally, it assists in removing dirt and dust from confined spots that are frequently ignored. Deep cleaning effectively lowers the possibility of contracting diseases due to these contaminants.

Deep cleaning keeps our families healthy and eliminates numerous odors from frequent cooking, dogs, and other sources we frequently don’t notice. When you engage in expert deep cleaning services, you’re left with a healthier, more fragrant home.

How frequently should you deep clean your house?

You don’t frequently perform deep cleaning. The following scenarios call for extensive cleaning:

Before moving into a new house, cleaning the previous one thoroughly is sensible. This will allow you to move into clean surroundings and start over peacefully.

Similarly, it’s polite to thoroughly clean a house before leaving it. In this manner, the debris and muck you left behind will not be a problem for the subsequent inhabitants.

Depending on their condition, weddings and other large celebratory events held at home always necessitate a thorough cleaning before or after the event.

Planning an annual thorough clean at the same time as your spring cleaning is usually a good idea. It prepares the home for the upcoming year. Additionally, you get to organize your home and determine whether any repairs or replacements are necessary.

What do deep cleaning services cost, and are they worthwhile?

The price varies according to where you live, your house size, and which service provider you go with.

Now, if you’re wondering why you should spend that money on professional cleaners when you can do everything yourself, here are some reasons why it’s worthwhile.

The first factor is how long it takes. House cleaning experts have experience, so although you need to clean each piece separately, they can work on several areas simultaneously.

The expertise comes next. Professional cleaners do this on a daily basis and are skilled at maneuvering around heavy furniture and appliances to clean underneath them. They also know where to check for toxins and which cleaning supplies work best to give your home a fresh scent.

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Follow a timetable

After your house has been thoroughly cleaned, make a cleaning routine that includes all of the rooms at least once per season. You can afford to wait longer between deep cleaning sessions because your house upkeep will be easier.

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