Transferring Kickstart Employees to Apprenticeships

Transferring Kickstart Employees to Apprenticeships


We have recently had enquiries from some employers about transferring Kickstart employees to apprenticeships. The most common question is are the incentives that end January 31st 2021 still applicable to those of you who hire a Kickstart employee.

We have received a response from the Department of Education as follows:-
‘The Hire a New Apprentice Payments are eligible for employers who take on a new employee with employment start dates between 01/10/21 and 31/01/22 and whose apprenticeship practical period start date is between 01/10/21 and 31/03/22.
Learners who took part in the Kickstart Scheme with the employer are exempt from the requirement that the learner not have an employment contract with the employer within the 6 months leading up to 01/20/21. If these requirements are met, and the employer submits their application before the 15/05/22 deadline, the employer can receive the Hire a New Apprentice Payments.
There is not a requirement for there to be a break between the learner having completed the Kickstart Scheme and starting the apprenticeship. The learner just can’t begin the apprenticeship whilst still on the Kickstart Scheme.’

They have provided a link and video, which can be read and viewed below. here. However, we have highlighted key points below as there are some records you will need to keep.
Check apprenticeship details when applying for the incentive payment for hiring a new apprentice
Evidence you may need:-
You need to keep the following documentation for each apprentice as you may be asked to provide evidence to confirm your claim is valid: 

  • a full signed copy of the employment contract 
  • a full signed copy of the apprenticeship agreement and commitment statement (if you are unsure of what these are, please discuss with your training provider)
  • payroll evidence, for example, a copy of a payslip 

If you are applying for someone you previously hired as part of the Kickstart Scheme, we may email you and ask for additional once your application has been processed.
This evidence could include:

  • the Kickstart Scheme grant agreement
  • proof of the start date of employment through Kickstart Scheme (this could be a copy of the employment contract or a letter of appointment)
  • the first and last payslip issued under the Kickstart Scheme to the Kickstarter
  • evidence of the receipt of Kickstart Scheme grant payment

If required, we may ask you for evidence in addition to the list above to help determine eligibility.
We hope you find this useful. Please do get in touch with us for any further information.

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24 Jan 2022